Crisis Communications

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Crisis Communications is a comprehensive course offered by IESE Business School, focusing on empowering professionals with the knowledge and skills to effectively navigate and respond to crisis situations through interviews. The course delves into crisis management principles, convening crisis teams, deciding on strategies, corporate response structures, intervening in controversies, and ethical considerations in media. Participants will gain valuable insights and practical guidance for effectively managing crisis communications and handling media interventions.

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Crisis Communications
Course Modules

Crisis Communications comprises three modules that cover crisis management principles, intervention strategies, and ethical considerations in media. Participants will gain practical skills and knowledge to effectively handle crisis situations and media interactions.

Module I: Crisis Communications

Crisis Communications Introduction: This module provides an overview of crisis communication and sets the stage for understanding the principles and strategies essential for managing crisis situations effectively. Participants will learn about the six principles of crisis management, convening crisis teams, deciding on strategies, corporate response structures, and engaging with the community for support and learning.

Module II: Intervening in a Crisis

Intervening in a Crisis: In this module, participants will gain insights into addressing errors and corrections, intervening in controversies, and understanding the ethical considerations when interacting with the media during a crisis. The module provides practical guidance on handling media interventions and ensuring ethical communication practices are upheld in crisis situations.

Communicating with Presence Specialization Conclusion

Communicating with Presence Specialization Conclusion: The specialization conclusion wraps up the course, summarizing the key learnings and insights gained from Crisis Communications. This module reaffirms the importance of effective crisis communication and its impact on successfully managing crisis situations and media interactions.

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