Les alliances qui changent les territoires : partenariats entre acteurs publics, acteurs privés et structures d'intérêt général pour le bien commun

ESSEC Business School

This course, offered by ESSEC Business School in partnership with Le RAMEAU, delves into the diverse ways in which companies, associations, and public actors can work together for the betterment of a territory. Through engaging modules, participants will gain insights into the key stakeholders and challenges of territories, identify potential alliances, and learn the essential steps for building and scaling territorial partnerships.

Whether you are a responsible business, a dynamic association, an innovative public actor, or an engaged citizen, this course is designed to provide you with the knowledge and tools to contribute positively to your local community.

  • Understand the key stakeholders and challenges of territories
  • Identify potential alliances for territorial development
  • Learn the necessary steps to construct a territorial alliance
  • Distinguish the factors and mechanisms for scaling these initiatives

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Les alliances qui changent les territoires : partenariats entre acteurs publics, acteurs privés et structures d'intérêt général pour le bien commun
Course Modules

Explore the modules of Les alliances qui changent les territoires, covering topics such as the stakeholders and challenges of territories, identifying alliances, building innovative partnerships, and scaling their impact.

Introduction générale : ce qui vous attend dans ce MOOC

Module 1 provides an introduction to the course, setting the stage for the exploration of territorial alliances. It also includes a digital resource center on territorial co-construction by Le RAMEAU.

Qu’est-ce que le territoire et à quels enjeux les alliances territoriales permettent-elles de répondre ?

Module 2 delves into the concept of territories and the challenges that territorial alliances address. It features in-depth discussions, expert insights, and a quiz to reinforce learning.

Quelles sont les alliances à l’œuvre dans les territoires ?

Module 3 explores the existing alliances in territories, featuring real-life examples, expert perspectives, and resources to deepen understanding.

Comment co-construire des alliances innovantes dans les territoires ?

Module 4 focuses on co-constructing innovative alliances in territories, featuring interviews, expert insights, and practical tools such as the "Business Model Canvas".

Comment démultiplier l’impact de ces alliances territoriales ?

Module 5 delves into the methods for multiplying the impact of territorial alliances, showcasing expert perspectives, reports, and resources to drive effective collaboration and impact.

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