Earth Economics

Erasmus University Rotterdam

After this course you will be an Earth Economist that can provide evidence-based advise on the best global policy. As an Earth Economist you will better understand the behavior and advice of economists, have become a better economist yourself and know where to find Earth's data and how to analyze these world observations. Our planet is too important: we need you to get engaged! Earth Economics offers a completely new angle to policy analysis by its focus on the truly global level and its empirical orientation on very recent data. Sustainability (environmental and related to the UN's SDGs), equality and heterodox (that is: non mainstream) views on the economy are important for an Earth Economist. Taking stock of emerging planet data and analyzing policies during and following the Global Crisis, Earth Economics provides both a topical introduction into basic economic tools and concepts as well as insights in highly relevant problems and recent developments in planet production, growth and governance. An important issue is the provision of global public goods. Earth Economics highlights the importance of the United Nations, International Monetary Fund, the World Health Organization and the World Trade Organization.

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Earth Economics
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