Google Chrome Security and Extensions for Beginners


Google Chrome extensions and security skills can help you launch your career with technical experience valued by IT employers. This guided project can help you gain job-ready knowledge and skills related to managing browser pop-ups, redirects, and extensions on Google Chrome. Then, gain practical browser privacy and security settings skills. After completing these hands-on project labs, you can assess your knowledge using a graded quiz available here on Coursera. Score higher than 80% to earn Guided Project certificate. These labs are part of Introduction to the IBM course, Introduction to Software, Programming, and Databases. Perfect for the beginner, this course includes the skills you’ve gained in this guided project and provides additional valuable software, programming, and database knowledge and skills. Upon successful completion of Introduction to Software, Programming, and Databases you’ll earn an industry-recognized shareable certificate that attests your new skills. This course is part of the IBM Information Technology (IT) and Cloud Fundamentals Specialization. The IT and Cloud Fundamentals Specialization provides prerequisite skills for almost all IT careers, including technical support specialist, data analyst, data scientist, software engineer, systems administrator, and IT manager. With this specialization, you'll acquire hardware, operating systems, programming, database, networking, storage, cybersecurity, and cloud computing knowledge and skills that prepare you for an entry-level IT role. Also, this specialization can help you understand and manage IT responsibilities within your organization. Introduction to Software, Programming, and Databases is also part of the IBM Technical Support Professional Certificate. The IBM Technical Support Professional Certificate prepares you for a job in Technical Support. Whether you are just starting your career or changing jobs, this program enables you to develop a strong foundation in IT fundamentals, networking, cybersecurity, and cloud computing. Experts from IBM built this Professional Certificate program to prepare you for an entry-level job in Technical Support. Learn without limitations. Enroll today!

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Google Chrome Security and Extensions for Beginners
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