CBRS Professional Training

Google - Spectrum Sharing

This professional training course, developed by Google, is designed for installers and network managers who work with Certified Professional Installers (CPIs) in the Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) ecosystem. The program offers a mix of video lectures, step-by-step explanations, and quizzes to introduce participants to the concept of shared spectrum and the components of the CBRS ecosystem.

Participants will learn about the advantages of shared spectrum, the CBRS ecosystem including users, systems, and devices, the role of CPIs in CBRS, and working with Google’s SAS (Spectrum Access System). The course also covers topics such as SAS-CBSD communication, CBSD installation, and the steps to become a CPI.

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CBRS Professional Training
Course Modules

This course comprises modules covering a range of essential topics such as the fundamentals of CBRS, the role of CPIs in CBRS, SAS-CBSD communication, CBSD installation, and the steps to become a CPI in the CBRS ecosystem.

What is CBRS?

Module 1: What is CBRS?

  • An introduction to Citizens Broadband Radio Service and shared spectrum
  • Understanding the CBRS ecosystem

The role of CPIs in CBRS

Module 2: The Role of CPIs in CBRS

  • Exploring the importance and responsibilities of Certified Professional Installers in the CBRS ecosystem

More background on CBRS

Module 3: More Background on CBRS

  • Understanding SAS-CBSD communication

CBSD installation

Module 4: CBSD Installation

  • When a CPI is required and determining installation parameters
  • Guidance on antenna orientation, characteristics, and information transmission
  • Insights into Google’s SAS Portal and potential issues

Steps to become a CPI

Module 5: Steps to Become a CPI

  • Overview of the steps involved in becoming a Certified Professional Installer
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