CompTIA a+_ network


Embark on the CompTIA a+ network specialization to gain essential skills for network installation, support, and application security. This comprehensive course is tailored for beginners and covers a range of topics critical to a successful career in network technology.

  • Master network installation fundamentals and learn to set up networks in various environments.
  • Acquire skills in network support, including troubleshooting techniques and enterprise network security.
  • Understand the basics of application support, covering server management, network client configuration, data storage, and automation scripting.

Prepare for a promising future in IT networking and set your sights on CompTIA Network+ certification. Start your journey in network technology today!

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CompTIA a+_ network
Course Modules

Master the essentials with the CompTIA a+ network specialization. From network installation fundamentals to application security support, acquire comprehensive skills for a thriving career in network technology.

Network Installation Fundamentals

Embark on the journey with Network Installation Fundamentals. Explore Windows computer management, network client configuration, and grasp the vital role of data centers, virtualization, WANs, cloud computing, and IoT in networking.

Network Support Fundamentals

Delve into Network Support Fundamentals and gain expertise in enterprise network security, performance monitoring, and troubleshooting techniques for seamless network operations support.

Application Security Support Fundamentals

Unlock the world of Application Security Support Fundamentals. Learn the essentials of Linux server operations, automation scripting, and data management for robust application security.

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