Network Automation Engineering Fundamentals

Cisco Learning and Certifications

The Network Automation Engineering Fundamentals Specialization by Cisco Learning and Certifications is designed for mid- to expert-level network engineers, aiming to equip them with essential skills for thriving in the NetDevOps environment. This specialization offers a well-rounded survey of topics, covering network automation, programmability, and the deployment of a NetDevOps environment.

Throughout the specialization, participants will delve into key areas such as the basics of NETCONF, RESTCONF, gNMI, and YANG modeling, as well as the utilization of APIs and scripting security topics with Ansible and Python.

  • Understand the issues network automation can resolve, laying the groundwork for further mastery.
  • Learn the fundamentals of NETCONF, RESTCONF, gNMI, and YANG modeling.
  • Acquire the skills to script security topics with Ansible and Python.

Upon completing this specialization, participants will be prepared to operate as network automation engineers, equipped with the necessary skills to advance their careers.

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Network Automation Engineering Fundamentals
Course Modules

This specialization consists of five modules covering a wide array of topics such as network automation, APIs, Ansible, DevOps for Network Automation (NetDevOps), and Model-Driven Programmability. Participants will gain the essential skills needed for operating in a NetDevOps environment.

Introduction to Network Automation

The "Introduction to Network Automation" module provides a foundational understanding of the role network automation and programmability play in the context of end-to-end network management and operations. Participants will also gain proficiency in interpreting Python scripts tailored for network automation use cases.

Using APIs for Network Automation

In the "Using APIs for Network Automation" module, participants will acquire a solid foundation for understanding the utilization of APIs in network automation. This includes studying data encoding formats, REST APIs, and the Python Requests library, enabling them to interpret and construct HTTP-Based APIs calls to network devices.

Ansible for Network Automation

The "Ansible for Network Automation" module focuses on training participants in the fundamentals of Ansible, an open-source configuration management tool for streamlining infrastructure management. Participants will also learn about Jinja2, a templating language that adds flexibility to automation tasks.

DevOps for Network Automation (NetDevOps)

The "DevOps for Network Automation (NetDevOps)" module introduces participants to various DevOps tools and explains how different development methodologies, such as the agile process, are used in DevOps. Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of DevOps and its application to NetDevOps, improving efficiency in network operations.

Introducing Model-Driven Programmability

The "Introducing Model-Driven Programmability" module delves into Model-Driven Programmability and its use of YANG data models to access network devices and their capabilities. Participants will learn about YANG's terminology and structures, the tools and protocols relying on YANG, and how to use Python libraries to interact with NETCONF and RESTCONF-enabled systems.

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