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Dive deep into algorithms courses to enhance your understanding of data structures, sorting, and searching algorithms. Completing an algorithms course will help you solve complex problems efficiently and pave your way for a successful career in software development or data science.

54 Algorithms Courses

Computing, Ethics, and Society

University of Colorado Boulder

This course explores the ethical challenges and societal implications of computing technologies, equipping learners with the skills to identify and address ethical...

Creating a Rock, Paper, Scissors Game in Python

Coursera Project Network

Learn to code a simple interactive rock, paper, scissors game in Python and gain essential programming skills in under 2 hours.

Data Structures

University of California San Diego

Data Structures is an essential course covering common data structures, their implementation in various programming languages, and use cases. Gain hands-on experience...

Data Structures and Algorithms

University of California San Diego

Master algorithmic programming techniques in this comprehensive course that offers hands-on experience with nearly 100 coding problems. Apply algorithms to real-world...

Data Structures and Algorithms (II)

Tsinghua University

Data Structures and Algorithms (II) is a comprehensive course covering stack, queue, binary tree, graph, and BST structures and algorithms. Learn to solve complex...

Decision Making and Reinforcement Learning

Columbia University

This course provides an in-depth exploration of decision making and reinforcement learning, covering utility theory, multi-armed bandit problems, Markov decision...

Detección de objetos

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Dive into the world of computer vision with this comprehensive course on object detection. Explore various methods and techniques essential for recognizing and localizing...

Ethics in the Age of AI


Ethics in the Age of AI explores the ethical impact of AI decision-making, imparting skills to impose ethical behavior on machine models.

Ethics of Artificial Intelligence

Politecnico di Milano

Ethics of Artificial Intelligence is a thought-provoking course that delves into the ethical, social, and cultural impact of AI, addressing issues faced by professionals,...

Exam Prep MLS-C01: AWS Certified Specialty Machine Learning


Exam Prep MLS-C01: AWS Certified Specialty Machine Learning equips you with the essential knowledge and practical experience to understand machine learning algorithms...

Excel/VBA for Creative Problem Solving, Part 2

University of Colorado Boulder

"Excel/VBA for Creative Problem Solving, Part 2" enhances Excel skills with VBA, focusing on arrays, text strings, worksheet iteration, and user forms....

Features and Boundaries

Columbia University

This course delves into feature and boundary detection in images, vital for various vision tasks. It covers methods for detecting edges, corners, interest points,...

First Principles of Computer Vision

Columbia University

This specialization in computer vision offers a comprehensive understanding of the mathematical and physical foundations of vision, equipping learners for a successful...

Foundations of Data Structures and Algorithms

University of Colorado Boulder

Foundations of Data Structures and Algorithms equips learners with essential knowledge to efficiently organize, process, and analyze data. The course focuses on...

Fundamentos de sistemas recomendadores

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

Fundamentos de sistemas recomendadores es un MOOC que abarca los conceptos fundamentales de los sistemas de recomendación, incluyendo técnicas de filtrado colaborativo,...

Graph Search, Shortest Paths, and Data Structures

Stanford University

This course covers graph search, shortest paths, and data structures, offering a comprehensive understanding of their applications in various domains.

Inteligencia artificial: proyecto final

Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

Inteligencia artificial: proyecto final

Introducción a la inteligencia artificial

Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

Introducción a la inteligencia artificial es un programa especializado que abarca ocho cursos y un proyecto final. Los estudiantes adquieren conocimientos en técnicas...