Emerging Technologies: From Smartphones to IoT to Big Data

Yonsei University

This Specialization is designed for researchers and business experts seeking in-depth knowledge of advanced science and technology. The 4 courses cover a wide range of topics including Big Data, Smartphones, Smart Watches, IoT, Cloud Computing, and AR. The curriculum provides insights into market trends, technological advancements, and practical projects to enhance expertise in research, design, development, strategic planning, business, administration, and management.

  • Gain comprehensive understanding of Big Data technologies such as Hadoop, Spark, and Storm.
  • Explore the components and functionalities of smartphones, smartwatches, and mobile communications, including iOS and Android operating systems.
  • Learn about IoT, wireless networks, and Cloud technologies, with hands-on projects analyzing Bluetooth and Wi-Fi networks, and utilizing AWS EC2.
  • Delve into Augmented Reality, video streaming services, and advanced multimedia technologies to understand their impact on future business and products.

This Specialization equips participants with the knowledge and skills required for expert-level research, design, development, and strategic planning in the rapidly evolving landscape of emerging technologies.

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Emerging Technologies: From Smartphones to IoT to Big Data
Course Modules

This Specialization comprises 4 courses covering Big Data, Smart Device & Mobile Technologies, IoT & Cloud Computing, and AR & Video Services. Gain expertise in advanced technologies and market trends to lead in the industry.

Big Data Emerging Technologies

This course provides insights into the world's industry market share rankings of big data hardware, software, and professional services. It covers the top big data product line and service types and the most popular big data technologies, including Hadoop, Spark, and Storm. Participants will gain hands-on experience with IBM SPSS Statistics to prepare for strategic planning in the big data era.

Smart Device & Mobile Emerging Technologies

Participants will delve into the core technology and components of globally popular smartphones and smartwatches, along with details of iOS and Android operating systems and mobile communications from 1G to 5G. Projects will focus on analyzing smartphone components and mobile networks, preparing participants for strategic planning in the smart device era.

IoT (Internet of Things) Wireless & Cloud Computing Emerging Technologies

This course introduces the start-of-the-art IoT and wireless networks, as well as Cloud technologies. Projects include analyzing Bluetooth and Wi-Fi wireless networks and using AWS EC2, preparing participants for leadership in the future product and business world in the IoT and Cloud era.

AR (Augmented Reality) & Video Streaming Services Emerging Technologies

Participants will gain an understanding of the technologies used in advanced AR, Skype, and YouTube video and multimedia products and services. The course covers advanced video and real-time multimedia delivery mechanisms, enabling participants to lead their companies in AR and video multimedia technology products, services, and business.

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