Ansible for Network Automation

Cisco Learning and Certifications

This course, "Ansible for Network Automation," offered by Cisco Learning and Certifications, provides comprehensive training on the principles of Ansible and its application to network automation. The course covers fundamental network routing & switching technologies, basics of Python programming, and basic Linux knowledge. Upon completion, participants will be proficient in constructing Ansible playbooks to configure network devices and retrieve operational state data, as well as building Jinja2 templates and YAML data structures to generate desired state configurations.

The course is designed for network engineers, systems engineers, network architects, and managers interested in automating network tasks and improving network operations. Through a series of interactive modules, participants will gain valuable knowledge and hands-on experience, enabling them to effectively automate network tasks using Ansible and Jinja2.

  • Gain essential understanding of Ansible and its application to network automation
  • Learn to construct Ansible playbooks and Jinja2 templates for network automation
  • Enhance skills in automation tasks and improve network operations

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Ansible for Network Automation
Course Modules

Explore a comprehensive range of modules covering the introduction to Ansible for network automation and templating configurations with Jinja2.

Course Introduction for Ansible for Network Automation

Specialization Introduction, Ansible for Network Automation Course Syllabus, Course Introduction for Ansible for Network Automation, and Meet and Greet module provide an overview of the course and introduce participants to the key concepts and objectives.

Introducing Ansible for Network Automation

The "Introducing Ansible for Network Automation" module familiarizes participants with Ansible, Cisco IOS core configuration, documentation, device facts, command modules, and Cisco Ansible integrations. Participants also have the opportunity to engage in quizzes to reinforce their learning.

Templating Configurations with Jinja2

The "Templating Configurations with Jinja2" module offers an in-depth understanding of Jinja2, YAML, and configuration templating with Ansible. Participants can engage in practice quizzes and a graded quiz to assess their knowledge and skills.

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