Low Intermediate English: Calls & Messaging


In the Low Intermediate English: Calls & Messaging course, offered by Voxy, learners will develop the necessary language skills to effectively communicate through various mediums including phone calls, text messages, and social media. This comprehensive course covers essential communication strategies for engaging in personal and professional conversations, enabling learners to confidently interact with their network.

The course's structured learning activities take place on Voxy, an adaptive language learning platform that tailors lessons to individual proficiency levels, ensuring rapid improvement across reading, listening, speaking, grammar, and vocabulary skills. By completing engaging, task-based lessons, learners will gain confidence in communicating through real-world conversations and emails, enhancing their ability to connect with others in any situation.

  • Learn to communicate through social media, including networking and job-hunting strategies.
  • Develop the skills to make professional phone calls to colleagues and effectively manage voicemails.
  • Master the art of writing professional emails, including handling questions, requests, and attachments.

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Low Intermediate English: Calls & Messaging
Course Modules

The Low Intermediate English: Calls & Messaging course comprises six modules, guiding learners from an introduction to Voxy and proficiency assessment to mastering communication through social media, phone calls, and professional emails.

Course Introduction & Voxy Orientation

Module 1: Course Introduction & Voxy Orientation

  • Introduction to Voxy and proficiency assessment
  • Tips for taking the Voxy Proficiency Assessment (VPA)
  • Needs analysis and orientation to Calls & Messaging

Using Social Media

Module 2: Using Social Media

  • Learn to communicate through social media for various purposes such as networking and job-hunting
  • Engage in activities to develop effective strategies for using social media

Staying in Touch

Module 3: Staying in Touch

  • Explore ways to maintain communication with friends, family, and colleagues
  • Develop skills to convey well-wishes, check-ins, and updates

Phone Calls

Module 4: Phone Calls

  • Master phone etiquette and voicemail management
  • Learn to make professional phone calls to colleagues

Emails to Colleagues

Module 5: Emails to Colleagues

  • Develop the ability to write professional emails, including handling questions, requests, and attachments
  • Learn effective strategies for sending reminders and announcements to colleagues

Course Project: Independent Study

Module 6: Course Project: Independent Study

  • Engage in an end-of-course project to apply learned skills independently
  • Receive personalized unit recommendations for further study
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