English Language Skills A2-B1 CEFR: Low-Intermediate


Enhance your English language skills through the English Language Skills A2-B1 CEFR: Low-Intermediate course. This specialization is designed to elevate your English proficiency from A2 to B1 level, enabling you to excel in career opportunities, everyday conversations, and personal interactions.

  • Engage in short, task-based lessons tailored to improve your language skills, accessible anytime and anywhere.
  • Learn from real-world content, including conversations, emails, phone calls, and messages encountered in professional and personal scenarios.
  • Utilize Voxy, an innovative English training platform, to enhance your language skills and practical knowledge simultaneously.
  • Develop the ability to comprehend familiar topics in work and daily life, form relationships, communicate needs, and more.
  • Modules cover various aspects, including communication, technology, well-being, and more, providing a comprehensive learning experience.

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English Language Skills A2-B1 CEFR: Low-Intermediate
Course Modules

Hone your English skills across 7 modules covering greetings, communication, planning, technology, well-being, and more. Elevate your proficiency from A2 to B1 level.

Low Intermediate English: Meet & Greet

Enhance your communication skills with the "Meet & Greet" module. Learn to initiate and maintain conversations, describe your job, and engage with colleagues to build relationships.

Low Intermediate English: Calls & Messaging

Develop your proficiency in phone calls, messaging, and professional communication through the "Calls & Messaging" module. Gain expertise in social media interactions, professional correspondence, and more.

Low Intermediate English: Help & Information

Acquire the ability to seek and provide help, share opinions, and offer clear instructions with the "Help & Information" module. Master asking for directions, sharing viewpoints, and making requests.

Low Intermediate English: Planning & Organization

Refine your planning and organizational skills with the "Planning & Organization" module. Engage in making plans, scheduling meetings, and managing your time effectively.

Low Intermediate English: Shopping & Customer Service

Enhance your customer service interactions and shopping experiences with the "Shopping & Customer Service" module. Gain insights into describing preferences, responding to inquiries, and understanding customer service interactions.

Low Intermediate English: Technology

Explore the "Technology" module to discuss everyday devices, apps, and technology. Learn to give advice on technology use, describe innovations, and seek assistance with tech issues at work.

Low Intermediate English: Personal Growth & Well-Being

Foster personal growth and well-being with the "Personal Growth & Well-Being" module. Delve into dimensions of health and wellness, set goals, and consider pursuing well-being in professional settings.

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