AI For Business

University of Pennsylvania

This specialization provides the fundamentals of using AI, Big Data, and Machine Learning in various business areas. Learners explore ethics, governance frameworks, people management, marketing strategies, and industry insights into revolutionizing business with AI and Big Data.

  • Understand the fundamentals of AI, Big Data, and Machine Learning
  • Learn to implement ethical AI strategies for people management
  • Explore the relationship between data analytics, AI, and Machine Learning
  • Gain insights from industry leaders on AI and Big Data revolutionizing business

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AI For Business
Course Modules

AI For Business covers AI fundamentals for non-data scientists, AI applications in marketing and finance, AI applications in people management, and AI strategy and governance within a business context.

AI Fundamentals for Non-Data Scientists

This course delves into Machine Learning's application for handling and interpreting Big Data. Learners explore various ML methods, Deep Learning, GANs, VAEs, and AutoML. Additionally, they gain insights from industry leaders in Big Data management.

AI Applications in Marketing and Finance

Learners discover AI-powered applications to enhance the customer journey and analyze consumer habits in marketing and finance. The course covers fraud detection, credit risks, and the role of AI and Machine Learning in consumer behavior analysis.

AI Applications in People Management

This course explores AI and Machine Learning in HR management, addressing data limitations, bias mitigation, and utilizing technology for employee lifecycle management. Learners gain practical knowledge of incorporating AI into HR functions.

AI Strategy and Governance

Learners explore AI strategies in business transformation, responsible governance, explainable AI, and change management. The course covers recognizing biases in data, building trust with user data, and constructing a responsible governance strategy.

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