Becoming a Strengths Based Leader: Leading Standout® Teams

Automatic Data Processing, Inc. (ADP)

Welcome to Leading StandOut Teams, a comprehensive digital coaching experience offered by Automatic Data Processing, Inc. (ADP). This course equips leaders with the strategies and tools to lead standout teams by focusing on strengths and addressing the eight key needs that drive team engagement and performance.

  • Learn to create compelling stories and rituals to keep teams connected and celebrate successes.
  • Gain insights on setting clear expectations and roles to align on team success.
  • Understand how to value excellence, empower team members, and foster a culture of sharing ideas.
  • Discover how to put strengths to work, guide team members to play to their strengths, and promote effective collaboration.
  • Learn to create trust, support, and a sense of relatedness within the team.
  • Understand the importance of recognition and learn effective ways to recognize team members.
  • Discover strategies to build confidence in the future and create a compelling vision for the team.
  • Explore ways to grow team members, help them step out of their comfort zones, and support their career growth.

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Becoming a Strengths Based Leader: Leading Standout® Teams
Course Modules

This course consists of eight modules, each focusing on key aspects of leading standout teams, including establishing team purpose, setting clear expectations, valuing excellence, putting strengths to work, creating trust and support, recognizing team members, building confidence in the future, and growing team members.

Establishing Team Purpose

Establishing Team Purpose: Learn to design purpose-driven stories and rituals to keep the team connected and celebrate successes. Gain insights on rewarding productive behaviors and their impact on the team and organization.

Setting Clear Expectations

Setting Clear Expectations: Discover effective ways to schedule check-ins, clarify roles, and align team success. Analyze the impact of roles on the work environment and provide clarity to team members.

Valuing Excellence

Valuing Excellence: Understand how team culture influences success, define success, and empower team members to use their strengths. Learn to create conditions for sharing ideas and boosting overall productivity.

Putting Strengths to Work

Putting Strengths to Work: Utilize tools to guide team members to play to their strengths, relate performance to individual strengths, and promote effective collaboration based on strengths.

Creating Trust & Support

Creating Trust & Support: Explore creating a trusting environment and relatedness within the team. Learn to model faith in the team and strategies to generate trust.

Recognizing Team Members

Recognizing Team Members: Understand the importance of recognition, its timing, and what matters most to team members. Discover effective ways to recognize individuals within the team.

Building Confidence in the Future

Building Confidence in the Future: Develop a detailed vision for the team, describe what makes the company special, and create a compelling picture of why clients need the company.

Growing Team Members

Growing Team Members: Explore ways to encourage team members to step out of their comfort zones, match them with projects that utilize their strengths, and support their career growth.

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