Musician’s Professional Toolbox: Your Portfolio Career

University of Colorado Boulder

Take your musical career to the next level with the “Musician’s Professional Toolbox” course. Learn how to articulate your purpose as a musician, develop a personal brand and social media strategy, and assemble a suite of promotional materials. Gain critical skills in self-assessment, branding, marketing, promotion, gigging, and teaching studio setup. From personal and artistic development to strategic career management, this course equips you with essential tools to navigate the music industry.

  • Acquire career development skills for freelance musicians.
  • Define your artistic vision and set meaningful goals.
  • Create a visual representation of your career goals.
  • Learn to build tools for networking and task management.

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Musician’s Professional Toolbox: Your Portfolio Career
Course Modules

Enhance your music career with strategies for success, building your artistic brand, essential promotional materials, and launching your music career.

Strategies for Success in your Music Career

Understand your unique mix of musical and non-musical skills and how those skills can inform your career development. Develop better habits and identify ways to measure outcomes and gauge success. Begin building/expanding a professional network.

Building Your Artistic Brand

Identify the character of visual and audio materials that best capture the professional image you wish to project. Use demographic and psychographic parameters to define your customer market/audience. Employ strategies for effective social media content.

Promotional Materials Every Musician Needs

Learn the three types of resumes and how to format them. Apply basic concepts of composition, lighting, and audio quality to create compelling promotional materials. Write prose biographies and identify the key components of a professional website.

Launching Your Music Career

Articulate your Unique Selling Proposition and determine the core functions required to manage your portfolio career. Complete a comprehensive growth and recruitment plan for your teaching studio and identify the competitive landscape. Seek out and book performance opportunities in various settings.

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