Graphic Design Elements for Non-Designers

University of Colorado Boulder

In the "Graphic Design Elements for Non-Designers" course, you'll delve into the fundamental principles of graphic design, color theory, and image selection. Discover typography's artistry, design layout, and conceptual elements. Learn to create business cards, brochures, ads, websites, and manuals. This course empowers non-designers to communicate and collaborate effectively with graphic designers and other creatives, enhancing their understanding of the design process and terminology.

  • Explore basic graphic design elements and color theory
  • Learn about typography, brainstorming, and professional critique
  • Design foundational creative projects for print and web
  • Gain techniques for effective communication with graphic designers

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Graphic Design Elements for Non-Designers
Course Modules

This course includes modules on design principles and software overview, color theory and image formats, typography and spacing, and branding and user experience.

Basic Elements of Design: Design Principles and Software Overview

Module 1: Basic Elements of Design delves into the history and design process of graphic design, exploring concepts of balance, alignment, and white space. You'll understand the use of white space to develop shape, form, and structure in graphic projects.

Graphic Elements of Design: Color Theory and Image Formats

Module 2: Graphic Elements of Design focuses on color theory and image formats, distinguishing between CMYK, Pantone, and RGB color options. You'll also categorize various image files and their usages, and understand the combination of graphics and text in logo design.

Textual Elements of Design: Fonts, Typography, and Spacing

Module 3: Textual Elements of Design delves into the history and future of typography as an art form, and the similarities and nuances between typography, fonts, and text. You'll work with the various aspects of spacing type, including leading, kerning, and tracking.

Print and Digital Elements of Design: Branding and User Experience

Module 4: Print and Digital Elements of Design explores how to work best with graphic designers, printers, and web designers. It covers the printing and online elements of graphic design, and examines branding and user experience.

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