Indigenous Canada

University of Alberta

Embark on a profound journey through Indigenous Canada, a 12-lesson MOOC that vividly depicts the diverse histories and contemporary perspectives of Indigenous peoples in Canada. From the fur trade to political conflicts and contemporary life, this course delves into the intricate fabric of Indigenous-settler relations with a critical lens.

Engage with compelling topics, including land claims, environmental impacts, legal systems, Indigenous political activism, and the rich expressions of contemporary Indigenous life and art. Each lesson offers a thought-provoking exploration of the complex experiences faced by Indigenous peoples, providing a comprehensive understanding of their historical and contemporary struggles and triumphs.

  • Comprehensive exploration of Indigenous histories and contemporary perspectives
  • Insights into national and local Indigenous-settler relations
  • Engaging topics such as the fur trade, land claims, and political activism
  • An eye-opening journey into Indigenous life, art, and expressions

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Indigenous Canada
Course Modules

Indigenous Canada presents a captivating 12-module journey, delving into topics such as Indigenous worldviews, the fur trade, treaty perspectives, Indigenous law, residential schooling, contemporary Indigenous life, political structures, relationship to the land, Indigenous women, urban Indigeneity, social movements, and Indigenous art and culture.


Uncover the foundational Indigenous worldviews, storytelling traditions, and the perspectives of Reuben Quinn. Engage with interactive tributes and quizzes that deepen your understanding of Indigenous perspectives.

Fur Trade

Dive into the pre-contact North American networking, colonization, and the intricate dynamics of the fur trade. Gain insights from Frank Tough and explore the impact of education through interactive paintings.

Trick or Treaty

Explore diverse perspectives on treaty making, the numbered treaties, and the significant role of the Métis Nation. Engage with interactive content that sheds light on governance and Indigenous perspectives.

New Rules, New Game

Delve into Indigenous concepts of law, the impact of outside influences, and the evolution of Indigenous legal systems. Gain a deeper understanding of Indigenous governance and its role in contemporary society.

“Killing the Indian in the Child”

Uncover the profound impacts of residential schooling, truth and reconciliation, and the dynamics of Indigenous teaching and learning. Explore interactive content that highlights the effects of education on Indigenous communities.

A Modern Indian?

Explore traditional economies, resource extraction, shifting roles, and the unique challenges faced by Aboriginal women. Engage with interactive content that sheds light on the changing dynamics of Indigenous life.

Red Power

Gain insights into Indigenous political structures, the influences of the Canadian state, and the concepts of sovereignty and governance. Interactive content provides a deeper understanding of Indigenous political activism.

Sovereign Lands

Delve into the intricate relationship between Indigenous peoples and the land, exploring concepts of Aboriginal title, disconnection from Indigenous lands, and the impact on Indigenous communities. Engage with interactive content that explores the arts and the environment.

Indigenous Women

Explore Indigenous concepts of gender, the experiences of Indigenous women, and the perspectives of Billy-Ray Belcourt. Engage with interactive content that pays tribute to Aboriginal women and their contributions.

Indigenous in the City

Uncover the complexities of urban Indigeneity, the impact of city life on Indigenous communities, and the evolving dynamics of governance. Engage with interactive content that highlights urbanization and its effects on Indigenous peoples.

Current Social Movements

Engage with the dynamics of Indigenous community, resistance, and the role of social media in contemporary Indigenous movements. Gain a deeper understanding of Indigenous governance and its impact on social change.

‘Living’ Traditions – Expressions in Pop Culture and Art

Explore the rich expressions of Indigenous art, contemporary Indigenous culture, and the profound impact of art in Indigenous communities. Engage with interactive content that celebrates the arts and the environment.

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