Climate Solutions

The University of Edinburgh

Climate Solutions is a transformative course designed by award-winning climate change experts and educators. Through engaging modules, you'll delve into core climate concepts such as mitigation, adaptation, climate justice, and solutions frameworks.

Discover the impacts of climate change on human health, the global economy, and natural systems. Uncover your potential to create positive change and explore practical, actionable steps to address the Climate Crisis head-on.

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the causes and impacts of climate change.
  • Explore the role of governments, big business, and individuals in crafting solutions.
  • Learn why climate solutions are crucial for all life on the planet.

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Climate Solutions
Course Modules

This course comprises five modules designed to provide in-depth knowledge of climate change, covering topics such as climate impacts, the science behind climate solutions, key players, national policies, and individual actions to combat climate change.

Week 1: Introduction to Climate Solutions

Welcome to Module 1! This module delves into the introduction of Climate Solutions, outlining the impacts of climate change on human health, the global economy, and natural systems. You'll explore the key players in crafting climate solutions and uncover your potential to create a positive impact.

Week 2: The Science of Climate Solutions

Module 2 focuses on the science of climate solutions, providing insights into the carbon cycle, greenhouse gases, climate history, net zero, and the differences between 1.5°C and 2°C. Gain a deeper understanding of the science behind climate change and its implications.

Week 3: The Levers of Climate Solutions

Module 3 explores the levers of climate solutions, discussing the key players in addressing climate change, sustainable development, and the practical aspect of adapting to climate risks. Discover how young people and individuals can contribute to combating climate change.

Week 4: Climate Solutions for Nations

In Module 4, you'll delve into climate solutions for nations, examining international and national climate policies and agreements. Explore the role of individuals in inspiring others and contributing to climate action, as well as the costs associated with climate solutions.

Week 5: Climate Solutions for You

Module 5 focuses on climate solutions for individuals, offering practical steps to reduce carbon footprint and make a positive impact. You'll explore key climate messages, calculate your carbon footprint, and gain insights into reducing your environmental impact.

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