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Unlock the potential of office software with the Office Productivity Software course by SkillUp EdTech. This comprehensive program covers essential skills for using software tools in office environments. Whether you're new to the workforce or seeking to enhance your skills, this course offers practical, hands-on training to navigate the Windows desktop, manage files and folders, and install and remove applications. Throughout the program, learners will delve into various categories of office productivity software, discovering popular applications within each category.

  • Build foundational knowledge of software tools commonly used in office settings
  • Learn tips, tricks, and best practices for succeeding at using office productivity software
  • Attain practical, hands-on skills enabling success in an office environment
  • Delve into mail and calendar software, word processing, presentation, spreadsheet, messaging, and collaboration software

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Office Productivity Software
Course Modules

The Office Productivity Software course modules cover Windows fundamentals, mail and calendar applications, word processing, presentation applications, spreadsheet applications, and messaging and collaboration apps, providing a comprehensive foundation for using office productivity software.

Office Productivity Software and Windows Fundamentals  

Explain how to use key Windows features such as the Desktop, Start menu, File Explorer, Windows Search, and the Recycle Bin. Describe the options for office productivity software and how to choose which one to use. Create and use keyboard and desktop shortcuts to work more efficiently.

Get Started with Mail and Calendar Applications: Outlook

Describe fundamental features of mail and calendar apps, such as sending emails and creating meetings. Organize emails by sorting, storing, searching, and dealing with junk mail. Make emails secure and confidential through encryption and sensitivity settings. Add and share personal and organizational calendars.

Get Started with Word Processing Applications: Word

Understand the fundamentals of word processing apps and use their basic features, such as opening, saving, sharing, and printing document files. Edit and format text in documents, insert images and shapes, and enhance documents with tables, layouts, headers, and footers. Use templates and collaborate with others online.

Get Started with Presentation Applications: PowerPoint

Use fundamental features of presentation apps, create, edit, and save presentation files. Practice presenting slideshows, create unique presentations using templates, images, icons, shapes, SmartArt, and animations. Collaborate with others on online presentations.

Get Started with Spreadsheet Applications: Excel

Use fundamental features of spreadsheet apps, create, edit, and save spreadsheet files. Navigate around workbooks and worksheets, enter and edit data, use formulas, functions, and charts with data. Work collaboratively with others on online spreadsheets.

Get Started with Messaging & Collaboration Apps: Teams/Zoom

Use the fundamental features of messaging and collaboration apps, such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom. Understand best practice etiquette for calls and meetings, prepare your meetings environment, work collaboratively using teams and channels, schedule and join meetings, and share your screen.

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