Analytics in Healthcare Management and Administration

Northeastern University

This course is the continuation of Healthcare Analytics Essentials . If you have not yet taken the Healthcare Analytics Essentials course, it is recommended that you complete that course prior to this course. The foundational knowledge to support the project are carried through in this deeper dive into using healthcare analytics in management and administration. This course provides you the opportunity to learn about how business analytics can improve the health organization performance and ways to identify and address issues that affect patient care. You will explore the components of care continuity, the strategies used to achieve continuity, and the characteristics of patient-centeredness. You will also review the structure and value of the randomized controlled trial and the need for decision-making at the individual level. Finally, you will learn about systems in healthcare, the 6Cs of systemness, and the five common properties of complex systems and the framework to create change.

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Analytics in Healthcare Management and Administration
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