Leading Change in Health Informatics

Johns Hopkins University

Gain the expertise to lead change in health informatics with the "Leading Change in Health Informatics" course from Johns Hopkins University. This 5-course specialization prepares healthcare professionals for leadership roles in health IT organizations. Through expert insights, case studies, and practical tools, you will learn to successfully lead change, optimize project management, and strategically plan for health IT initiatives.

Key Learnings:

  • Essential steps for leading change in health IT organizations
  • Importance of multidisciplinary and interprofessional teamwork in health informatics
  • Utilization of project management and strategic planning tools
  • Application of best practices for successful change management

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Leading Change in Health Informatics
Course Modules

This course comprises four modules covering leadership, project management, strategic planning, and change management in health informatics. Gain practical skills and insights to drive successful change in health IT organizations.

Leading Change in Health Informatics

Module 1 provides an introduction and overview of the course, emphasizing the importance of leadership, multidisciplinary teamwork, and strategic planning in successfully leading change in health IT organizations. Gain practical insights and tools to navigate change effectively.

Project Management for Health Informaticists

Module 2 focuses on project management for health informaticists, covering essential concepts, tools, and best practices to optimize project planning and execution in health IT initiatives. Learn to effectively manage projects to drive successful outcomes.

Strategic Planning in Health IT

Module 3 delves into strategic planning in health IT, offering insights into strategic acquisition, evaluation processes, and return on investment calculations. Gain practical skills to strategically plan and assess the impact of health IT initiatives.

Change Management

Module 4 explores change management in health informatics, covering workflow redesign, solution planning, implementation, and analysis. Learn to effectively manage change and optimize the adoption of new technologies in healthcare organizations.

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