普通物理學-電磁學、光學及近代物理 (General Physics (1))

National Taiwan University

Explore the fascinating world of physics in this comprehensive course offered by National Taiwan University. Gain insights into the interaction of mass and energy, and the evolution of modern physics concepts.

This course delves into electromagnetism, optics, and the groundbreaking theories that have reshaped our understanding of the universe. From the fundamentals of static electricity and electric currents to the enigmatic realms of magnetic fields, electromagnetic waves, optics, and quantum concepts, this course offers a holistic view of physics.

  • Discover the principles of static electricity and the concept of electric fields
  • Explore the dynamics of electric currents and basic circuit theories
  • Unravel the mysteries of magnetic fields and their relationship with electricity
  • Examine the fusion of electricity and magnetism leading to electromagnetic waves and optics
  • Delve into the realm of modern physics, including relativity and quantum concepts

Immerse yourself in the scientific wonders of the physical world and expand your knowledge with this engaging course.

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普通物理學-電磁學、光學及近代物理 (General Physics (1))
Course Modules

This course covers a wide array of topics, ranging from the fundamentals of electromagnetism and optics to modern physics theories, providing a comprehensive understanding of the field.

Week 1 靜電學:電荷與電場概念簡介

Week 1 focuses on static electricity, introducing the concept of electric fields and their practical implications. Explore the principles of electric charge, potential energy, Gauss's law, and the concept of capacitance.

Week 2 會動的電荷:電流

Week 2 delves into the dynamics of electric currents, basic circuit theories, and their applications. Gain insights into the flow of electric charge in various contexts, including the human body, and its impact on nerve and muscle functions.

Week 3 神秘的磁場

Week 3 explores the enigmatic world of magnetic fields, elucidating their definition, origin, and their intricate relationship with electricity. Uncover the principles of electromagnetic induction and the concept of inductance.

Week 4 電與磁的完美結合

Week 4 delves into the fusion of electricity and magnetism, leading to the emergence of electromagnetic waves and the profound impact of optics. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the nature of light and its behavior.

Week 5 光學

Week 5 delves into the rich history of optics, including reflections, refractions, scattering, polarization, interference, and diffraction. Gain a deeper understanding of the behavior of light in various mediums.

Week 6 相對論

Week 6 delves into the realm of modern physics, exploring the birth of relativity, its implications on mass-energy equivalence, and its relationship with gravity. Gain insights into the complexities of spacetime and gravitational forces.

Week 7 量子的概念

Week 7 concludes the course with an exploration of quantum concepts, including blackbody radiation, Planck's quantum theory, the photoelectric effect, and the duality of light. Gain a deeper understanding of the quantum world and its implications on atomic models and phenomena.

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