Django Web Framework


Embark on an immersive learning journey with the Django Web Framework course. You will delve into building, securing, and administering web servers using the powerful Django framework. Gain expertise in creating, designing, and configuring web apps while implementing proactive security measures. Explore the usage of models in Django and their relationship to databases, and learn to render requested data to meaningful template structures for a composed user interface (UI).

Throughout the course, you will cover essential topics such as data modeling, views, templates, and web security best practices. By the end of the course, you will be equipped with the skills to design a Django web application using Python, HTML, and CSS, describe and implement the HTTP request-response cycle, and build a data model to create dynamic web forms.

  • Build, secure, and administer web servers using Django
  • Create, design, and configure web apps with proactive security practices
  • Explore data modeling, views, templates, and web security best practices
  • Design dynamic webpages and utilize industry-standard best practices

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Django Web Framework
Course Modules

Embark on a comprehensive journey through the Django Web Framework course. Explore essential modules covering Introduction to Django, Views, Models, Templates, and a final graded project assessment, equipping you with the skills to build, secure, and administer web servers using Django.

Introduction to Django

Introduction to Django: Dive into the fundamentals of the Django Web Framework, covering real-world applications, project and app overview, web framework concepts, and setting up project structures in VS Code. Get hands-on with labs and additional resources to solidify your understanding.


Views: Delve into creating views, mapping URLs, handling HTTP requests, and error handling. Explore class-based views, request and response objects, and learn to handle errors effectively. Engage in exercises to reinforce your knowledge and practical skills in working with views.


Models: Uncover the intricacies of models, migrations, ORM, forms, and database options in Django. Learn to create and work with models using foreign keys, and gain proficiency in using Django Admin for managing users and permissions. Engage in hands-on exercises to master working with models and migrations.


Templates: Explore the world of templates in Django, including creating dynamic templates, working with template inheritance, and debugging Django applications. Gain practical insights into testing and template examples to enhance your proficiency in creating and working with dynamic templates.

Course summary and graded project assessment

Course summary and graded project assessment: Conclude your learning journey with a comprehensive recap of the course, followed by a final graded project assessment. Reflect on your learning and design a simple Django app, culminating in a peer review to solidify your skills and knowledge.

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