APIs in Java: Call and Integrate an API

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As a Java backend developer, understanding the importance of using REST endpoints is vital. This 90-minute intermediate project equips you to utilize APIs in Java applications, create method headers, pass arguments, and incorporate Java methods efficiently. Delve into REST APIs, create a HelloWorld API using Eclipse and Maven, and learn to manage and interact with cloud services flexibly within a distributed environment. Gain valuable insights into creating endpoints to retrieve, look-up, and add new data within a list of students, culminating in the development of a customer management API. This project provides a simulated environment with all necessary software and tools readily available, enabling you to master the implementation of API endpoints in Java.

  • Utilize an API in a Java Application
  • Create API Arguments for a Java API
  • Incorporate Java methods into an application that uses APIs

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APIs in Java: Call and Integrate an API
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