Excel Skills for Business

Macquarie University

This specialization, offered by Macquarie University, is designed to equip learners with advanced Excel skills for business. With a focus on creating professional dashboards, managing large datasets, and performing complex calculations, this program provides a highly valuable asset to enhance employability.

  • Develop essential Excel skills for efficient data navigation, manipulation, and formatting.
  • Learn to use formulas and functions for data calculations and automating choices.
  • Analyze and present data effectively through charts and tables.
  • Acquire skills to validate data, prevent errors, and create navigation aids for large workbooks.

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Excel Skills for Business
Course Modules

This specialization consists of four modules: Essentials, Intermediate I, Intermediate II, and Advanced. Each module builds on the previous one, leading learners to master sophisticated Excel skills for business applications.

Excel Skills for Business: Essentials

In the first course, Essentials, learners will acquire foundational Excel skills, including navigating the user interface, performing basic calculations, formatting spreadsheets, and creating data visualizations. Practical exercises and real-world examples enhance the learning experience, catering to both self-taught individuals and beginners.

Excel Skills for Business: Intermediate I

Building on the Essentials course, Intermediate I expands learners' Excel knowledge, empowering them to manage large datasets, create meaningful reports, and introduce automation for enhanced efficiency in everyday Excel tasks. The course follows a practical approach and introduces new skills through real-life scenarios in a business context.

Excel Skills for Business: Intermediate II

Intermediate II delves deeper into powerful Excel features, enabling learners to check for and prevent errors in spreadsheets, create automation, apply advanced formulas and conditional logic for informed decision-making, and forecast and model data. The course provides practical guidance through a series of real-world challenges faced by an Excel consultant.

Excel Skills for Business: Advanced

In the final course, Advanced, learners build on the strong foundation of the previous three courses to become power users of Excel. They learn advanced formula techniques, sophisticated lookups, data cleaning and preparation for analysis, working with dates and financial functions, and designing professional dashboards in Excel.

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