Foundations of IoT Systems and Industrial Automation


This comprehensive course provides a deep dive into IoT systems and their integration with Industrial Automation. Participants will uncover the historical roots and architectural nuances of IoT, emphasizing the pivotal role of sensor technologies and diverse communication tools. They will establish a solid foundation in IoT concepts, understanding how its components collaborate, exploring various sensor types, and evaluating communication protocols.

The course extends its focus to Industrial Automation, shedding light on its impact across sectors. Participants will gain valuable insights into the transformative technologies driving industrial progress, from the core components of Industry 4.0 to the practical applications of automation in manufacturing and logistics. Moreover, the course imparts best practices for navigating complexities in data management, analytics, security, and privacy concerns, providing practical insights crucial for safeguarding and optimizing IoT implementations.

By the course's conclusion, participants will possess the skills and knowledge necessary to navigate the evolving landscapes of IoT systems and Industrial Automation effectively.

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Foundations of IoT Systems and Industrial Automation
Course Modules

This course is divided into three modules. The first module focuses on the Introduction to IoT Systems, the second module introduces Industrial Automation and Applications, and the third module covers Implementing Industrial IoT Solutions and Best Practices.

Welcome & Module 1: Introduction to IoT Systems

This module provides an overview of IoT systems, including their historical evolution, architecture, components, sensor technologies, communication protocols, and control systems. Participants will also explore smart sensor technology and its significance in IoT applications.

Module 2: Introduction to Industrial Automation and Applications

The second module delves into Industrial Automation, covering its fundamentals, components, communication protocols, and the synergy between Industrial Automation and IoT. Participants will also learn about automation applications in manufacturing, transportation, logistics, and the energy sector.

Module 3: Implementing Industrial IoT Solutions and Best Practices

The final module focuses on implementing Industrial IoT solutions and best practices, addressing security and privacy concerns, interoperability and integration issues, data management, analytics challenges, and IoT deployment strategies. Participants will also gain insights into leveraging smart city strategies and existing infrastructure for successful IoT integration.

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