Hands-On Labs in Google Cloud for Networking Engineers

Google Cloud

This comprehensive course from Google Cloud provides hands-on labs for networking engineers seeking to enhance their skills in Google VPC network setup and maintenance. The course covers a range of topics, including configuring networks via gcloud, basic networking tasks and troubleshooting, network performance improvement, and load balancer installation and testing.

Throughout the course, learners will gain practical experience through a series of labs designed to provide them with the necessary skills to succeed in network engineering within the Google Cloud environment.

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Hands-On Labs in Google Cloud for Networking Engineers
Course Modules

This course features modules covering tools for profiling network performance, configuring networks via gcloud, analyzing network traffic, improving network performance, caching content with Cloud CDN, and building a high-throughput VPN.

Introductory Videos

The introductory videos provide an overview of tools for profiling network performance and the bandwidth delay problem, setting the stage for the practical labs.

Configuring Networks via gcloud

Module 2 guides learners through configuring networks via gcloud, including a lab that offers hands-on experience in this essential networking task.

Analyzing Network Traffic

Module 3 delves into the analysis of network traffic, providing insights into monitoring and optimizing network performance.

Improving Network Performance I

Module 4 focuses on strategies for improving network performance, offering practical techniques for enhancing network reliability and speed.

Caching Content with Cloud CDN

Module 5 explores the concept of caching content with Cloud CDN, an essential aspect of network optimization and content delivery.

Building a High-throughput VPN

Module 6 delves into building a high-throughput VPN, providing essential skills for creating secure and high-performing network connections.

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