Customer Service Fundamentals

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Embark on an exciting journey with the Customer Service Fundamentals course by Knowledge Accelerators. Gain expertise in communication, problem-solving, empathy, and process adherence crucial for IT customer service roles. Through interactive training and assessments, you'll develop the essential skills needed for a thriving career in customer service and support.

Key highlights include:

  • Comprehensive training in communication skills, empathy, and problem-solving techniques.
  • Interactive labs to reinforce learning components and assess your progress.
  • Insightful guidance on process adherence and service level agreements.
  • Acclaim badge upon successful course completion, recognizing your expertise.

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Customer Service Fundamentals
Course Modules

Master essential skills with the Customer Service Fundamentals course, divided into four modules. Develop expertise in communication, empathy, problem-solving, and process control crucial for IT customer service roles.

Communication Skills

Module 1: Communication Skills

Module 1 of the course focuses on building rapport with callers, clear communication, problem understanding, and the importance of collaboration in the workplace. Through interactive exercises and assessments, you will hone your communication skills and gain the ability to handle various customer scenarios effectively.


Module 2: Personality

Explore the role of patience, empathy, positivity, and curiosity in understanding customer behaviors and building meaningful connections. This module will equip you with the essential traits and characteristics required to excel in customer service and support roles.

Problem Solving

Module 3: Problem Solving

Delve into effective information seeking, memory improvement, root cause analysis, and working with angry callers. This module will enhance your problem-solving capabilities and equip you with the skills to handle complex customer issues with confidence and proficiency.

Process Control

Module 4: Process Control

Gain insights into service level agreements, time management, ticketing systems, and the use of ITSM tools. This module will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of process control, ensuring you are equipped to meet service standards and effectively manage customer interactions in an IT support environment.

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