Managing Linux users & Access Control List file permissions

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Learn to manage Linux users and Access Control Lists (ACLs) with this comprehensive course. Gain essential skills in creating, modifying, and deleting users and groups, switching to root user for full privileges, and setting default ACLs on directories. Understand how to use "setfacl" and "getfacl" commands to establish and display ACLs, as well as remove ACL permissions for specific users. By the end of this project, you will be proficient in navigating and managing your Linux system effectively.

  • Acquire knowledge on user and group management in Linux
  • Master the use of "setfacl" and "getfacl" commands for ACLs
  • Learn to switch to the root user for full privileges
  • Understand how to set default ACLs on directories
  • Gain proficiency in removing ACL permissions for specific users

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Managing Linux users & Access Control List file permissions
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