Blockchain Para a Empresa


Discover the transformative potential of blockchain technology in the business landscape with the Blockchain Para a Empresa course. This comprehensive program, led by industry authorities Don Tapscott and Alex Tapscott, delves into the core principles of blockchain design, cryptoassets, and the challenges associated with its implementation.

Through this course, you will gain a deep understanding of how blockchain redefines trust in the digital era, tokenization of assets, smart contracts, and decentralized identity systems. Explore its impact on financial services and business operations, as well as strategic approaches for managing intellectual property within the blockchain ecosystem.

Capstone your learning journey with an opportunity analysis, identifying innovative blockchain applications within your industry and devising viable business models. Solidify your understanding of blockchain's potential to create new value for customers and drive organizational change.

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Blockchain Para a Empresa
Course Modules

Embark on an educational journey through four modules, learning about blockchain design principles, cryptoassets, smart contracts, decentralized identity, and strategic business implications of blockchain technology.

Introdução às Tecnologias Blockchain

Module 1: Introdução às Tecnologias Blockchain

  • Understand the limitations of the pre-blockchain internet for business and economic activities
  • Explore core blockchain terms and transaction processes
  • Learn the seven principles for blockchain technology development
  • Identify and address the ten challenges associated with implementing blockchain technology

Transacionando na Blockchain

Module 2: Transacionando na Blockchain

  • Gain insights into different types of cryptoassets and the concept of tokenization
  • Explore smart contracts and their diverse applications
  • Understand decentralized and self-regulated identity systems
  • Discover how blockchain revolutionizes key functions in the financial services industry

Blockchain e Negócios: Aplicativos e Implicações

Module 3: Blockchain e Negócios: Aplicativos e Implicações

  • Examine the transformative impact of blockchain on business structures and corporate functions
  • Define terms such as DApps, autonomous agents, open network enterprises, and distributed autonomous organizations
  • Explore strategic approaches for managing intellectual property with blockchain technologies
  • Understand the layers of the blockchain technology stack and their governance implications

Análise de oportunidade de Blockchain

Module 4: Análise de oportunidade de Blockchain

  • Identify new blockchain ideas and opportunities within your industry
  • Position your ideas to create new value for customers
  • Evaluate business model decisions required for idea viability
  • Explore necessary changes to current organizational operations to realize blockchain ideas
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