8. 実践編:サイバーセキュリティ関連の職に就く準備 (近日公開予定)


Prepare for entry-level cybersecurity roles with Google's professional certification. Learn how to escalate security incidents, engage with stakeholders, and prepare for job interviews. Develop communication and collaboration skills, explore ethical behavior in cybersecurity positions, and create resumes and cover letters for job applications.

Gain practical guidance from Google employees working in cybersecurity, and receive assistance with job readiness. Upon completion, you'll be equipped to apply for entry-level cybersecurity positions without the need for prior work experience.

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8. 実践編:サイバーセキュリティ関連の職に就く準備 (近日公開予定)
Course Modules

This course includes modules on incident escalation, stakeholder communication, job search preparation, and engaging with the cybersecurity community.


This module introduces the importance of incident escalation and provides practical guidance on how to protect data and assets. You'll learn about disaster recovery planning, business continuity, and testing your knowledge with weekly challenges.


Explore the process of incident escalation, understanding the timing and methods to effectively communicate and escalate security incidents. Recognize the roles and responsibilities involved in escalation and gain insights from practical scenarios.


Learn how to effectively communicate with stakeholders in the cybersecurity domain, utilizing visual storytelling and creating impactful visual dashboards. Develop skills to interact with stakeholders and convey the impact of cybersecurity incidents.


Discover valuable resources in the cybersecurity community and learn strategies for meaningful engagement. Connect with cybersecurity professionals, create networks, and test your knowledge about building a cybersecurity network.


Prepare for cybersecurity job search by crafting resumes, cover letters, and understanding the interview process. Gain insights into technical interviews, building trust with interviewers, and creating an elevator pitch.

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