Power System Dynamics

Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

This course covers lessons in power system stability, modelling of synchronous machine, excitation systems, load modelling for stability, voltage stability and methods of improving stability.

Course topics:

  • Introduction to Power System Stability Problem
  • Solution of Switching Equation
  • The Equal Area Criterion for Stability
  • Transient Stability Analysis of a Multi Machine System
  • Modeling of Synchronous Machine
  • Synchronous Machine Representation for Stability Studies
  • Excitation Systems
  • Modeling of Excitation Systems
  • Small Signal Stability of a Single Machine Infinite Bus System
  • Dynamic Modeling of Steam turbines and Governors
  • Dynamic modeling of Hydro Turbines and Governors
  • Load modeling for Stability Studies
  • Numerical Integration Methods for Solving a Set of Ordinary Nonlinear Differential Equation
  • Simulation of Power System Dynamic Response
  • Dynamic Equivalents for Large Scale Systems
  • Direct Method of Transient Stability Analysis
  • Sub Synchronous Oscillations
  • Voltage Stability
  • Methods of Improving Stability
Course Lectures