Health Coaching Conversations

Imperial College London

Health Coaching Conversations is a comprehensive course designed for healthcare practitioners and students seeking to enhance their communication skills and empower patients to prioritize their health. Through a series of engaging modules, participants will delve into foundational health coaching principles, develop crucial coaching skills, explore the process of health coaching, and learn to integrate coaching skills within time-limited consultations. This course provides a practical and insightful approach to fostering empowering conversations and supporting patients in taking charge of their health and wellbeing.

  • Empower healthcare practitioners and students
  • Enhance communication skills
  • Delve into foundational health coaching principles
  • Develop crucial coaching skills
  • Explore the process of health coaching
  • Integrate coaching skills within time-limited consultations

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Health Coaching Conversations
Course Modules

This course comprises modules that cover foundational principles, essential coaching skills, the process of health coaching, and integrating coaching skills within healthcare consultations. Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of health coaching and its practical application in healthcare contexts.

The foundations of health coaching

Module 1 introduces participants to the foundational principles of health coaching, emphasizing a person-centered mindset and key coaching principles. Through this module, learners will gain insights into when a health coaching approach can be valuable and its application in addressing long-term conditions and modifiable risk factors.

Health coaching skills

Module 2 focuses on developing essential health coaching skills, including building rapport, effective questioning, and motivational interviewing. Participants will engage in discussions and activities to enhance their practical application of these skills.

The process of health coaching

Module 3 delves into the process of health coaching, guiding participants through effective goal setting, evoking change talk, and reviewing progress. Learners will also explore strategies for supporting patients who may not be progressing in addressing their health behaviors.

Integrating coaching skills within healthcare consultations

Module 4 centers on integrating coaching skills within healthcare consultations, offering insights into applying coaching skills in time-limited consultations and featuring real-life case studies and video consultations. Participants will gain practical knowledge on integrating health coaching approaches into their own work.

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