Globalización, Crecimiento Económico y Estabilidad

IE Business School

Explore the intricate world of global economics in the "Globalization, Economic Growth, and Stability" specialization by IE Business School. This comprehensive course is designed to make economic concepts accessible to learners of all backgrounds, equipping them with the analytical tools needed to interpret current events through an economic lens.

Beginning with an overview of macroeconomics and the use of fiscal and monetary policies, the course delves into international interactions, including free trade, exchange rates, and immigration. Learners will apply these fundamental tools to analyze the world's major economies and gain valuable insights into the risks and opportunities of conducting business in these countries.

With English videos and Spanish subtitles, the course ensures accessibility to a wider audience. Whether you're interested in advancing your career or making informed personal investment decisions, this specialization provides practical knowledge and valuable skills essential for navigating the complexities of the global economy.

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Globalización, Crecimiento Económico y Estabilidad
Course Modules

Delve into the intricacies of global economics with modules covering macroeconomic policies, international trade dynamics, and business challenges in the globalized economy.

Analizando las Políticas Económicas

Master the intricacies of macroeconomic indicators and fiscal policies, including deficits and debts. Gain insights into the real-world monetary policy and explore the challenges and interactions in major economies, addressing quantitative easing, austerity policies, and growth strategies.

Comercio, Inmigración y Tipos de Cambio en un Mundo Globalizado

Gain an understanding of the impact of currency values on macroeconomics and delve into exchange rate regimes worldwide. Explore the connections between global growth models and balance of payments, while analyzing migration impact and the challenges of globalization, sovereignty, and democracy.

Riesgos y oportunidades empresariales en una economía globalizada

Develop expertise in currency valuation, macroeconomic impact, and government influence on currency values. Understand trade theories, identify trade "losers," and analyze the effects on economies. Explore global accounts, deficits, surpluses, migration's macro role, and globalization challenges.

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