Desembaraço Aduaneiro

Fundação Instituto de Administração

Explore the intricacies of international trade with the Desembaraço Aduaneiro course. Delve into currency exchange, customs clearance, and strategic partnerships, gaining insights into competitive advantages and decision-making theories.

  • Comprehensive coverage of international trade operations
  • Insights into currency exchange and customs clearance
  • Strategic partnership exploration for competitive advantages
  • Decision-making theories for trade operations

This course, offered by Fundação Instituto de Administração, consists of four modules delivered over multiple weeks, with each module comprising videos, readings, and knowledge assessments.

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Desembaraço Aduaneiro
Course Modules

The Desembaraço Aduaneiro course comprises four modules, each providing in-depth insights into international trade operations, currency exchange, customs clearance, and strategic partnerships.


Gain an in-depth understanding of currency exchange, including concepts, prepayment, collections, and letters of credit. Explore the theories guiding payment modalities and decision-making, with detailed assessments to reinforce learning.

Despacho Aduaneiro

Delve into the intricacies of customs clearance, covering export and import documentation, customs processing, and the role of customs agents. Understand the requirements for successful customs clearance and the key aspects of international trade compliance.


Explore the various intervenients in international trade, including customs warehouses, customs brokers, Authorized Economic Operators (AEOs), and export consortia. Gain insights into their roles and the advantages they offer in trade operations.


Discover the strategic aspects of international trade, including comparative advantage, absolute advantage, competitive advantage, and strategic partnerships. Learn how to leverage market specifications and develop business partnerships in global commerce.

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