Google IT 지원 수료증 이수 과정


Embark on a fast-track journey to launch your career in the dynamic IT industry with the Google IT Support Professional Certificate program. This comprehensive 6-month course equips you with the essential skills required to excel in entry-level IT roles, regardless of prior experience or educational background.

Throughout the program, you will delve into topics such as computer assembly, wireless networking, program installation, and comprehensive customer support services. Gain an in-depth understanding of IT basics, from problem identification to debugging, and learn about crucial systems such as Linux, DNS, command-line interfaces, and binary code.

  • Acquire skills essential for success in entry-level IT roles
  • Learn computer assembly, wireless networking, program installation, and customer support methods
  • Gain expertise in providing comprehensive customer support services, from problem identification to resolution and debugging
  • Understand the usage of systems like Linux, DNS, command-line interfaces, and binary code

Upon completion, you will be prepared to pursue career opportunities in the IT industry, and you may also be eligible to receive credits applicable to bachelor's degree programs at select universities.

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Google IT 지원 수료증 이수 과정
Course Modules

Embark on a comprehensive journey through 5 modules covering fundamental IT skills, including computer assembly, networking, operating systems, IT infrastructure, and cybersecurity.

기술 지원 기초

Get ready to take on the role of an entry-level IT support professional with the first module, "Foundations of Tech Support." This module provides a comprehensive understanding of various IT topics, such as computer hardware, the internet, computer software, and troubleshooting. By the end of this module, you'll be able to comprehend binary systems, assemble computers, install operating systems, understand the internet's functionality, and learn how applications are developed and operate beneath the computer hood.

컴퓨터 네트워킹의 모든 것

Gain a broad understanding of computer networking, from the basics to practical applications and network troubleshooting, in the "Networking" module. Covering everything from the layers of the 5-layer model to TCP/IP communication, powerful network troubleshooting tools and techniques, network services such as DNS and DHCP, and an overview of cloud computing and storage, this module will equip you with extensive networking knowledge.

운영체제와 나: 고급 사용자 되기

Enhance your skills and knowledge in operating systems with the "Operating Systems and You: Becoming a Power User" module. Learn about the core components of operating systems, software and user management, hardware configuration, and more through video lectures, demonstrations, and practical exercises. By the end, you'll be adept at navigating Windows and Linux file systems, configuring software, managing system processes, and utilizing system logs and remote connection tools.

시스템 관리 및 IT 인프라 서비스

Delve into "System Administration and IT Infrastructure Services" to understand how to manage the entire IT infrastructure of an organization, including networks, servers, software, and more. Gain insights into cloud infrastructure setup, resource management, server configuration, industry tools, and disaster recovery, preparing you to maintain stable computer systems in multi-user environments and manage an organization's IT infrastructure effectively.

IT 보안: 디지털 다크 아트로부터 보호

Learn about various IT security concepts, tools, and best practices in the "IT Security: Defense Against the Digital Dark Arts" module. Covering encryption algorithms, authentication, authorization, and accounting systems, as well as network security solutions such as firewalls and Wi-Fi encryption options, this module will equip you with the knowledge to integrate multiple layers of security architecture and foster a culture of security within an organization or team.

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