Google IT Support (Deutsch)


Embark on a transformative journey into the IT industry with Google's IT Support (Deutsch) program. This certification path equips you with the foundational knowledge and practical skills needed to kickstart your career in IT support. Through a series of 5 courses, you will delve into diverse areas such as computer hardware, network technology, operating systems, system administration, and IT security.

Upon completion, you'll be adept at tasks such as computer assembly, WLAN setup, software installation, troubleshooting, and customer service. Additionally, this program prepares you for the CompTIA A+ exams, setting the stage for dual certification.

  • Gain crucial insights into the IT industry and its components
  • Master everyday IT support tasks and customer service
  • Prepare for the CompTIA A+ certification exams
  • Develop a strong foundation in network technology and security
  • Acquire essential skills in system administration and infrastructure management

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Google IT Support (Deutsch)
Course Modules

Master the essentials of IT support through five comprehensive courses. Cover hardware fundamentals, network management, operating systems, system administration, and IT security to empower your journey into the IT industry.

Grundlagen des technischen Supports

Grundlagen des technischen Supports: Delve into the fundamentals of IT support, understanding computer hardware, internet, software installation, troubleshooting, and customer service. Gain the ability to assemble a computer from scratch, select and install an operating system, and navigate the world of applications and apps. Develop expertise in troubleshooting practices and social skills within the IT field.

Die Bits und Bytes von Computernetzwerken

Die Bits und Bytes von Computernetzwerken: Explore modern network technologies, protocols, and cloud computing. Master troubleshooting network problems, understanding network services such as DNS and DHCP, and delving into the world of cloud computing and storage. Acquire the skills to describe computer networks, work with standard protocols, and employ powerful tools for network problem-solving.

Betriebssysteme und Sie: Power User werden

Betriebssysteme und Sie: Power User werden: Gain comprehensive knowledge of operating systems through a combination of video lectures, demonstrations, and practical exercises. Navigate Windows and Linux file systems, configure user access, manage software, and explore system processes and management. Learn to apply your OS knowledge to troubleshoot common IT issues effectively.

Systemverwaltung und IT-Infrastrukturdienste

Systemverwaltung und IT-Infrastrukturdienste: Learn to manage computing systems in multi-user environments and understand essential infrastructure services required for business operation. Explore cloud infrastructure, server configuration, and industry-standard tools for computer and user data management. Acquire the skills to secure and restore your company's IT infrastructure in emergencies.

IT-Sicherheit: Grundlagen für Sicherheitsarchitektur

IT-Sicherheit: Grundlagen für Sicherheitsarchitektur: Delve into the realm of IT security, understanding threats, encryption algorithms, authentication, authorization, and network security solutions. Learn about Chrome OS security models and build a multilayered, detailed security architecture. Gain insights into risk assessment and best practices for network security, empowering you to prioritize security in your organization or team.

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Prepare for a career in the rapidly growing IT field with the Google IT Support Professional Certificate program.