Files and directories in the Linux filesystem

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In the "Files and directories in the Linux filesystem" course, you will delve into the world of Linux commands to traverse directories, list files, and understand the organization of the Linux file system. With an emphasis on practical application, this project-based course covers various commands for exploring and viewing the Linux file system, determining the appropriate location for files, and creating permissions for files and directories.

Through immersive hands-on exercises, you will gain valuable skills in using commands such as ls, cd, mkdir, chmod, and chown to efficiently manage and manipulate the Linux file system. You will learn to analyze the structure of the Linux file system and make informed decisions on where to place files, ensuring efficient organization and accessibility.

  • Explore and utilize various commands to navigate and view the Linux file system.
  • Understand the hierarchical structure of the Linux file system and determine the appropriate placement of files.
  • Master the creation and management of permissions for files and directories, ensuring secure and controlled access.
  • Develop practical skills in using Linux commands for effective file and directory management, enhancing your proficiency in working with the Linux operating system.

By the end of this course, you will have a comprehensive understanding of the Linux file system, enabling you to confidently manipulate directories, manage files, and establish permissions in a Linux environment.

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Files and directories in the Linux filesystem
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