Autodesk CAD/CAM for Manufacturing


Manufacturers face increasing demands for faster, cost-effective, and sustainable production. This course, offered by Autodesk, delves into the convergence of design and manufacturing, equipping learners with essential skills in computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) using Autodesk Fusion 360 software.

Throughout the course, you will gain proficiency in CAD design for prismatic parts, digital manufacturing workflows, and practical CNC machining. Understanding toolpath generation, adaptive toolpaths, rest machining applications, 3-axis and multi-axis machining, and lathe-specific toolpaths are among the key focuses.

By completing this specialization, learners will unlock an Autodesk Credential, comprising a digital badge and certificate, to validate their competencies. This credential can be showcased on professional platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, enhancing career prospects.

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Autodesk CAD/CAM for Manufacturing
Course Modules

The course consists of modules covering CAD design, digital manufacturing workflows, CNC machining, and toolpath creation using Autodesk Fusion 360 software.

Introduction to CAD, CAM, and Practical CNC Machining

Explanation of the CAD design process for prismatic parts and the workflow of digital manufacturing.

  • Basic Fusion 360 CAM skills
  • Foundational knowledge of practical CNC machining

3-Axis Machining with Autodesk Fusion 360

Insight into adaptive toolpaths and rest machining applications in Fusion 360, along with detailed 3-axis toolpath creation.

Creating Toolpaths for a CNC Lathe

Exploration of toolpaths for CNC lathes, lathe coordinate system, and creation of turning toolpaths using lathe-specific tools.

Multi-Axis CNC Toolpaths

Recognition of multi-axis geometry and application of 3+2 vs. simultaneous machining in multi-axis toolpaths.

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