The Engineering of Structures Around Us

Dartmouth College

In this Specialization, you will learn some engineering principles that can be applied to structural systems everywhere: in nature, in furniture, in mechanical and aerospace systems, and in any solid object that resists a load.\n\nTogether we’ll explore how structures work, why they were designed the way they were designed, how they support loads, and where forces flow through them.\n\nMore specifically you will:\n\nLearn about funicular forms and how ropes and cables resist tension. Discuss how columns, arches, and anti-funicular forms resist compression. Discover how trusses, beams and walls resist loads. • Sketch the flow of forces through structures. Compare and contrast different structural forms and systems to answer a range of questions such as: Why might an engineer choose a beam over a truss? How do the dimensions of a structure affect its response? How do engineers choose forms and systems to create structures that are both elegant and functional?

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The Engineering of Structures Around Us
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