Crystal Structures and Properties of Metals

Arizona State University

Embark on a captivating journey into the realm of crystal structures and properties of metals with this enlightening course. Unravel the mysteries of atomic bonding, crystal defects, and the mechanical properties of metals as you delve into the heart of materials science.

Explore the intricate relationship between atomic bonding, crystal structure, and physical properties, with a particular emphasis on cubic structures. Gain a profound understanding of planes and Miller Indices, and discover the significance of principal planes in the cubic system.

Delve into the fascinating world of crystallographic defects and their implications, exploring the nuances of various common defects. Finally, immerse yourself in the art of tensile testing and its role in extracting essential materials parameters.

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Crystal Structures and Properties of Metals
Course Modules

This course comprises modules that delve into crystal structures, mechanical properties of metals, and tensile testing, offering a comprehensive exploration of the intricate world of materials science.

Crystal Structures, Mechanical Properties of Metals, Tensile Testing and Failures

Embark on Module 1, which introduces crystal structures, mechanical properties of metals, and the intricate process of tensile testing. It provides an overview of the specialization and paves the way for an enlightening journey into the world of materials science.

Module 1: Crystal Structures

Module 2 delves into crystal structures, encompassing a detailed exploration of crystal structure, planes in unit cells, and the significance of index directions and planes. It also offers insights into cubic structures and crystallographic defects, providing a comprehensive understanding of material properties.

Module 2: Crystal Structures

Explore Module 3, which further delves into crystal structures, offering in-depth insights into crystal defects, cubic structures, and the implications of crystallographic defects. Gain a profound understanding of the intricacies of crystal structures and defects in materials science.

Module 3: Mechanical Properties

Module 4 focuses on the mechanical properties of metals, providing comprehensive insights into the various aspects of mechanical properties and the essential process of tensile testing. It also explores the concept of material failure, offering a holistic understanding of material behavior under different conditions.

Module 4: Mechanical Properties

Immerse yourself in Module 5, which delves deeper into mechanical properties and material failure. Explore the different facets of mechanical properties, failure mechanisms, and gain valuable insights into the interplay between material properties and environmental factors.

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