DevOps on Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud Academy

The ACP DevOps Engineer Course offered by Alibaba Cloud Academy is designed for developers and operations experts aiming to deploy applications on Alibaba Cloud using DevOps tools and best practices. The course encompasses essential topics such as DevOps principles, Docker, Terraform, Kubernetes, Log Service, monitoring, diagnostics, performance testing, and optimization.

Throughout the course, participants will delve into the core concepts of DevOps, Docker containerization, Terraform resource orchestration, Kubernetes architecture and auto-scaling, Log Service queries and visualization, monitoring and maintenance, diagnostic processes, performance testing, and optimization methods. The comprehensive curriculum equips learners with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in deploying and maintaining applications on Alibaba Cloud using DevOps methodologies.

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DevOps on Alibaba Cloud
Course Modules

This course covers a wide range of topics, including DevOps principles, Docker, Terraform, Kubernetes, Log Service, monitoring, diagnostics, and performance testing, providing a comprehensive understanding of deploying applications on Alibaba Cloud using DevOps methodologies.

Getting to Know Devops

Get an overview of DevOps, delve into its brief history, compare the traditional approach with DevOps methodologies, and explore the essential tools used in DevOps practices.


Master Docker containerization by understanding its basic concepts, installation, operations, image layers, Dockerfile, and common tools for application containerization.


Learn about Terraform's resource orchestration, basics, installation, configuring, automated deployment, and gain practical insights through a demonstration.


Explore Kubernetes, its necessity, basic architecture, core concepts, auto-scaling, and gain a comprehensive understanding of this powerful container orchestration platform.

Log Service

Discover the general idea behind Log Service, its queries, visualization, and usage with ECS and OSS, alongside a practical demonstration.

Monitoring and Logging

Understand the concepts of monitoring and logging, get an overview of CloudMonitor, ActionTrail, and their practical application through a demo.

Monitoring and Diagnostics

Delve into diagnosing problems with containerized apps, understand common problems, basic diagnostic processes, monitoring schemes, and visual monitoring with Prometheus.

Performance Testing and Optimization

Gain insights into performance testing and optimization, including methods, procedures for testing containerized apps, frequently used tools, visual monitoring with Prometheus, and a performance testing demonstration.

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