AWS: Network Security, Compliance and Governance


AWS: Network Security, Compliance and Governance is the third course of Exam Prep ANS-C01: AWS Certified Advanced Networking Specialty specialization. This course will help learners designing and implementing AWS Security and compliance. You will also get a chance to evaluate monitoring strategies in support of security and compliance objectives. Learners will also get a chance to manage, optimize and troubleshoot AWS Network. The course is divided into two modules and each module is further segmented by Lessons and Video Lectures. This course facilitates learners with approximately 3:00 Hours Video lectures that provide both Theory and Hands -On knowledge. Also, Graded and Ungraded Quiz are provided with every module in order to test the ability of learners. Module 1: Design and implement for AWS Security and compliance Module 2: Manage, optimize and troubleshoot AWS Network Two or more years of experience in designing and implementing network solutions on AWS in large-scale or must pass an examination of AWS Certified Cloud practitioner. By the end of this course, a learner will be able to: -Design and implement for AWS Security and compliance -Manage and Optimize CloudTrail and CloudWatch Alarms. -Compare and Contrast Functional Capabilities of Security Groups, Network ACLs, and IAM policies.

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AWS: Network Security, Compliance and Governance
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