The Ancient Greeks

Wesleyan University

This survey course delves into ancient Greek history from the Bronze Age to the demise of Socrates, examining pivotal events, cultural values, and historical interpretation. The comprehensive curriculum encompasses essential aspects of ancient Greek civilization, shedding light on the political, cultural, and societal dynamics that shaped this influential era.

  • Survey of ancient Greek history from the Bronze Age to Socrates' death
  • Exploration of pivotal events, cultural values, and historical interpretation
  • In-depth study of political, cultural, and societal dynamics

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The Ancient Greeks
Course Modules

The course modules offer a comprehensive exploration of ancient Greek history, covering key periods and events from the Bronze Age to the death of Socrates, providing in-depth insights into the political, cultural, and societal dynamics that shaped ancient Greece.

Prehistory to Homer

This module provides an introduction to the natural setting, geography, and climate, followed by an exploration of the Minoan and Mycenaean civilizations, the Dark Ages, and the works of Homer in the context of ancient Greek history.

The Archaic Age (ca. 800-500 BCE)

Delve into the Archaic Age, exploring the emergence of the polis, colonization, literacy, hoplite warfare, and the works of the lyric poets, shedding light on the cultural and societal dynamics of ancient Greece.

Two City-States: Sparta and Athens

Explore the city-states of Sparta and Athens, delving into their historical significance, social and economic situations, tyrants, and the unique civic identities that shaped these influential city-states.

Democracy. The Persian Wars

This module focuses on the democratic revolution, the reforms of Kleisthenes, the Persian Wars, and the aftermath of these pivotal events in ancient Greek history, providing insight into the political and military dynamics of the time.

"The Great 50 Years" (ca. 480-431 BCE)

Examine the "Great 50 Years" period, including the aftermath of the Persian Wars, the Delian League, the rise of Athenian Empire, the influence of Pericles, and the role of women in Greek society.

The Peloponnesian War I

Delve into the Peloponnesian War, exploring the strategies, key events, and influential figures that shaped this conflict, shedding light on the political and military dynamics of ancient Greece.

The End of the War, the End of the Century

Explore the end of the Peloponnesian War and the consequential events, including the Sicilian Expedition, the role of slaves and foreigners, the influence of Socrates, and the significant developments in the fourth century.

Course Pages

The Course Pages module provides a comprehensive overview and synthesis of the key learnings and insights gained throughout the course, offering a cohesive understanding of ancient Greek history.

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