Wesleyan University

The main goal of this class is to gain an introductory exposure to the nature of the psychiatric disorder known as schizophrenia as revealed by the scientific method. We will discuss a broad range of findings from the scientific investigation of biological and psychological factors related to schizophrenia and its treatment. More specifically we will learn about: (1) key symptomatic features through discussion and enactments of interviews with actors portraying many of the cardinal features of the illness, (2) what brain imaging studies (MRI and fMRI) and neurochemistry have taught us about the neuroscience of the disorder, (3) scientific psychological data and theories concerning cognition, emotion and behavior in schizophrenia, and (4) current, evidence-based somatic and psychosocial approaches to treatment. A brief historical overview of the recent emergence of the psychiatric category of schizophrenia will be presented as well.

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