Career Discovery

University System of Georgia

Get empowered with essential career development skills through the Career Discovery specialization offered by University System of Georgia. This comprehensive course covers career planning, leadership, and other crucial skills to help individuals succeed in their career journey.

  • Analyze your strengths by creating a personal statement
  • Create a well-structured career plan and evaluate career options
  • Identify a mentor to add value to your career
  • Learn to leverage your network for exploring new career opportunities

With a focus on practical application, this course equips learners with the tools to network with intention, develop a tactical career plan, and navigate the job market effectively. From researching a new career to honing professional behavior and networking, Career Discovery is designed to empower individuals at all career levels.

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Career Discovery
Course Modules

Career Discovery provides a comprehensive learning journey, covering career options exploration, career planning for employment, and successful career development. Participants will gain valuable insights and practical skills to navigate their career paths effectively.

Career Options: Exploring a New Career

This course focuses on researching a new career, acquiring necessary skills, and evaluating career options to effectively engage your network in the career journey. You will design a tactical career plan, identify pitfalls, and develop a targeted cover letter and resume.

Career Planning: A Pathway to Employment

This module fosters creative approaches to launching a new career, covering ways to make a strong first impression, analyzing strengths, and leveraging social media in the job search. Guidance from industry leaders on job search, networking, and interviewing is also provided.

Successful Career Development

Benefit from valuable insights on how to succeed in your career, irrespective of your professional level. This module helps in honing professional behavior, networking, identifying a mentor, and developing effective habits and attitudes for success in any chosen career.

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