Attracting and Sourcing Diverse Candidates

University of Western Australia

It is during the shortlisting and interviewing processes, which are typically undertaken by a single panel, that candidates most often report being unfairly assessed during recruitment efforts. In this situation, it is often revealed that personal characteristics, such as age, gender, or race, rather than relevant characteristics, such as skills and experience, fed into a particular decision about who to hire. In this module, you will learn how unconscious bias can affect the shortlisting and interview processes. You will become familiar with various practical strategies and techniques to forward a fair and merit-based assessment of all candidates. This course represents 'Part 2' of the two-part Diversity and Inclusion Recruitment Strategy series offered by the University of Western Australia. It is also one of four that comprise the Recruiting for Diversity and Inclusion Specialization. Complete all four courses to gain an in-depth understanding of this fascinating and important topic.

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Attracting and Sourcing Diverse Candidates
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