Business English Communication Skills

University of Washington

This Specialization in Business English Communication Skills offered by the University of Washington is designed to enhance your ability to communicate effectively in professional environments. Throughout the course, you will expand your English vocabulary, improve your writing and speaking skills, and learn terminology and techniques applicable to business negotiations, telephone conversations, written reports, and professional presentations.

  • Enhance English vocabulary and communication skills for professional contexts
  • Write and speak confidently in social and professional interactions
  • Learn terminology and skills applicable to business negotiations, telephone conversations, written reports, and professional presentations

This comprehensive course is divided into five modules, each focusing on specific aspects of business English communication:

  1. Business English: Networking
  2. Business English: Meetings
  3. Business English: Planning & Negotiating
  4. Business English: Making Presentations
  5. Business English: Capstone Project

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Business English Communication Skills
Course Modules

This Specialization consists of five modules: Networking, Meetings, Planning & Negotiating, Making Presentations, and Capstone Project. Each module focuses on specific skills necessary for effective business communication in English.

Business English: Networking

This module, Business English: Networking, focuses on developing vocabulary and customs related to socializing and networking in English. It aims to enhance your ability to interact with business contacts in a professional manner, both in person and through written communication. The course also covers email etiquette, job-related vocabulary, and formal and informal language in emails.

Business English: Meetings

In the Business English: Meetings module, you will learn vocabulary and skills related to participating in meetings, including arranging meetings through email and telephone, understanding expectations and protocols for on-site meetings and teleconferences, and writing a proposal as an outcome of a meeting.

Business English: Planning & Negotiating

The Business English: Planning & Negotiating module is designed to teach you language and strategies for successful negotiations, with a focus on hosting an event and finding an appropriate venue. You will learn how to negotiate strategically, resolve customer issues, compare services and features of venues, and plan a business event using negotiation skills.

Business English: Making Presentations

This module, Business English: Making Presentations, focuses on language and techniques that will help you make effective presentations in English. It is designed for students with an intermediate level of English and aims to improve the ability to present information in an organized and engaging way, share data using charts and graphs, and use persuasive language in a presentation.

Business English: Capstone Project

The Business English: Capstone Project will provide opportunities to demonstrate your competence in the learning objectives for the Specialization. You will use formal, written methods and casual visual and audio methods of communication to demonstrate your ability to use language appropriate for different business contexts. The project aims to demonstrate competence in writing and presenting a plan using skills and language appropriate for business.

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