Agile Development

University of Virginia

Discover the essential skills to drive a successful agile team and lead adaptive product development with the Agile Development course. Through a comprehensive curriculum, you'll gain the applied knowledge required to enable agile teams to thrive in the digital product landscape. The course focuses on practical, evidence-based approaches that go beyond principles and practices, providing you with actionable insights to achieve success in agile development.

The course equips you with the ability to determine early what is valuable to users by focusing your team on testable narratives and creating a strong shared perspective. You'll learn how to drive a focus on outcomes over outputs, fostering a culture of experimentation and a test-driven, results-driven approach to agile. Additionally, you'll gain expertise in chartering and focusing an analytics program that enhances core objectives while iteratively identifying and testing the right agile practices from leading frameworks.

  • Explore the intersection of Agile and Design Thinking
  • Master Hypothesis-Driven Development to drive valuable outcomes
  • Integrate Agile Analytics to drive user value
  • Learn to manage an Agile Team effectively

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Agile Development
Course Modules

Gain expertise in Agile Development through modules focused on Agile and Design Thinking, Hypothesis-Driven Development, Agile Analytics, and Agile Team Management.

Agile Meets Design Thinking

Explore the intersection of Agile and Design Thinking. Learn to create a strong shared perspective and drive value using design methods like personas and problem scenarios. Diagnose valuable software for users and test ideas using agile user stories and prototypes. Facilitate narrative collaboration with user stories and prototypes.

Hypothesis-Driven Development

Master Hypothesis-Driven Development to drive valuable outcomes for users and reduce waste for your team. Focus your practice of agile by pairing qualitative and quantitative analytics. Learn to accelerate value delivery by investing in your product pipeline.

Agile Analytics

Integrate Agile Analytics to naturally tie your team’s work to actionable analytics that help drive user value. Pair your hypotheses on customer personas and problems with analytics. Test propositions like Lean Startup and instrument actionable observation into everything you build.

Managing an Agile Team

Learn to select and test agile practices to adaptively improve your team’s practice of agile. Create an agile team charter that aligns your team’s focus with company strategy while leaving it free to work creatively. Facilitate retrospectives with your team to collaboratively improve your practice of agile and support your team’s transition to agile.

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