Product Analytics and AI

University of Virginia

Empower your team with the Agile Analytics course from the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia. This comprehensive program guides you in building a robust analytics infrastructure that seamlessly integrates with agile methodologies, driving your team to deliver user-centric value.

Throughout this course, you'll learn how to naturally tie your team's work to actionable analytics, ensuring that your efforts consistently align with delivering tangible user value. By pairing your hypotheses on customer personas and problems with analytics, you'll gain the ability to test propositions, avoiding the development of features that don't meet user needs. The course also covers the integration of actionable observations into every aspect of your work, following the principles of Lean Startup and Lean UX.

  • Empower your team with a strong analytics infrastructure
  • Naturally tie work to actionable analytics driving user value
  • Test propositions to avoid building unwanted features
  • Integrate actionable observations into your work, following Lean principles

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Product Analytics and AI
Course Modules

This comprehensive Agile Analytics course from the University of Virginia covers four modules: Introduction and Customer Analytics, Demand Analytics, UX Analytics, and Analytics and Data Science. Each module equips you with the essential knowledge and skills to integrate analytics into your agile process effectively.

Introduction and Customer Analytics

Introduction and Customer Analytics module equips you with the foundational knowledge and skills to tie your team's work to actionable analytics. You'll learn to describe the customer journey for testability, design actionable inferences, and understand enough about statistics to drive value effectively.

  • Foundation for tying work to actionable analytics
  • Understanding customer journey and testability
  • Designing actionable inferences and statistical understanding

Demand Analytics

Demand Analytics module focuses on Lean Startup principles and demand testing. You'll gain insights into designing experiments, testing features, and understanding user habits, allowing you to effectively test demand and experiment patterns.

  • Application of Lean Startup principles in demand testing
  • Designing and testing experiments and features
  • Understanding and testing user habits and demand patterns

UX Analytics

UX Analytics module dives into the integration of analytics into the user experience. You'll explore qualitative usability testing, A/B testing, and learn to pair user stories with analytics effectively, ensuring that your design decisions are backed by actionable insights.

  • Integration of analytics into the user experience
  • Qualitative usability testing and A/B testing
  • Effective pairing of user stories with analytics for actionable insights

Analytics and Data Science

Analytics and Data Science module delves into the world of data science and its collaboration with analytics. You'll gain an understanding of data executions, data science in real life, and tips for effectively working with a data science team, empowering you to leverage data-driven insights effectively in your agile process.

  • Understanding data science and its collaboration with analytics
  • Application of data executions and real-life data science scenarios
  • Effective collaboration and working with a data science team
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